Prayer Groups, Chains, and Secret Prayer

Parish Prayer Chain

If you are in need of prayer, Nativity has a dedicated core of prayer warriors who stand at the ready to pray for you. Those in need of prayer stay on the prayer chain for one month unless renewed.

Prayer Group

Every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. parishioners gather for the sole purpose of praying for everybody and everything — church, local, community and worldwide. Please join this group for one hour of prayer.

Contact the office ( for more information.

Prayers of the People for Inclusion in the Church Bulletin 

If you would like the parish to pray for an individual during Sabbath services, please let the office know by contacting ( or Deacon Ros Hall (

Secret Angels

Secret Angels is a year-long ministry of caring, of being an invisible support with an emphasis on prayer. You secretly become an angel to another person, and someone becomes a secret angel to you. The tenets of the ministry are: 

  • pray for your angel
  • remember your angel on special days with cards and small gifts
  • send your angel a card for no reason, and
  • pray, pray, pray for your angel 

Partner names are picked in January and a celebration for this group is held in December. 

Contact Nancy Monti ( for more information.